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Everyone has a right to prosperous health - this is the most basic of needs, and yet it often goes neglected. Mumbai based Supreme Pharma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. strives to extend good health globally, especially to those who need it the most. We have strategically partnered with eight state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities - WHO, WHO-GMP, EMA, UK MHRA and TGA approved plants - so we can cater to the needs of patients across various geographies. We are constantly exploring new avenues of technological innovations to make medicines increasingly affordable, without compromising on world-class quality, safety, documentation and clear labelling. Part of Supreme Group of Companies, our parent brand has maintained thirty years of credibility and earned immense goodwill in the healthcare industry.


Courtesy to our strategic partnership with eight world-class manufacturing facilities, we are capable of manufacturing a vast array of high-quality generic medicines


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    CIS countries have their unique challenges, especially for the pharmaceutical sector. But dealing with Supreme Health since the past three years has helped us negotiate these challenges with relative ease. Thanks to their regulatory expertise, prompt and transparent communication and timely deliveries of excellent quality products, we have been able to not only keep our old customers happy but have also found new ones helping expand our customer base. We wish to enhance our business association with Supreme Health in the very near future with the addition of many more of their products in our portfolio. We thank them for their support and cooperation and wish them all the very best.

  • Rasik Shah, Managing Director

    It’s bit unfair to write a testimonial for Supreme Health. Jayesh Vora is more a friend than a business associate. All I would say is that it has been a pleasure knowing him and I look forward to continuing doing business with him for years to come.

    Rasik Shah, Managing Director
    Metro Pharmaceutical Limited, Kampala, Uganda
  • Hemin Patel, Managing Director

    We have been dealing with Supreme Group companies before Supreme Health was established in 2014 and hence from our previous experience, we had no hesitation to be their manufacturing partners. Supreme Health has always had a clear vision to establish their presence worldwide by registering molecules across various geographies and focus on distribution and marketing. And as much clear is their business strategy so are their work ethics and their stress on high quality standards. These attitude of Supreme Health made them our natural business associates. We therefore look forward to a long-term association with them.

    Hemin Patel, Managing Director
    Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. - Baroda, India

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